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Ultrasonic Surgical Unit

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Ultrasonic Surgical Unit


ULTRA-Z is utilizing Ultrasonic Vibrating Energy Technology patented and design is ergonomic and user-friendly. It has been designed and developed for fast emulsifying fatty tissue and minimizing the damage of important tissue such as blood vessel, nerves and connective tissues.
ULTRA-Z is designed to optimize every stage of the body and face sculpting operation and emulsifies unwanted fatty tissues yet still protects other tissues. Quick recovery of patient thanks to minimize invasive procedure.
Proper probes with various diameters to treat all areas of the body.

- Various ranges of diameters, 1.2mm to 3.7mm, provide tailor-made liposculpture for small volumes of fatty tissues in complicated areas and quick removing large volumes of fatty tissues. 1.2mm diameter ULTRA-Z Probe, unique and thinnest in the world, enables liposculpting for face with minimal swelling, bruising, bleeding and maximal safety.